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Felt Velour hat with black grosgrain band and black trim Measurements: Brim - 3” An absolute Gladys classic originally made for Fashion Icon Cher herself this felt velour hat comes with with elegant grosgrain trim on the brim edge and matching grosgrain band. 
Felt Velour with grosgrain band Make an elegant statement with this everyday hat. Based on a classic men’s fedora it’s enhanced with Gladys’ art deco lines, pinched swept back crown and luxurious felt velour fabric. Comes with French grosgrain band.
Felt velour hat with grosgrain band Brim Size: 3" This signature hat from Liquid Gold epitomizes classic design and elegance. handmade in fine felt velour with monochromatic grosgrain band. 
Honey Gold
Felt Velour with braided leather strap and gold chain Another signature piece from the “Liquid Gold” collection this hat is made in luxurious felt velour with hand braided double wrapped leather strap or gold plated twisted chain and is complemented by hand blocked diamond shaped crown. It's also reversible so...
Felt Velour with braided suede band Brim Size: 4" Chill out and still be the center of attention with this subtle low profile crown and curved wide brim hat. Made of luxurious felt velour with a hand braided two shade monochromatic ultra-suede band.
El Dorado
Felt velour with no band. Gladys calls this design style the “dress cap”. Innovative, handsome and elegant these caps are cutting edge in menswear and have a casual but lux street vibe and look just as great with a suite as with shorts and tennies. Upgrade that baseball hat for...
Felt velour with black veil & Swarovski This Coco inspired cap goes effortlessly from street to runway. Innovative, chic and perfect for jeans and T or Chanel tweed. Handmade in sumptuous felt velour with Swarovski crystals studded viel.
Staple Western with thin gold chain with charms This millinery masterpiece has Gladys’ signature art deco hand-blocked double crown, comes in ultra fine staple felt and has a stiff straight brim. Comes with a gold-plate chain with star shaped charms (optional).
Horse Ear
Felt Velour with no band A Classic Gladys horse ear inspired felt velour cap this design comes from a dream where horses cantered in space. Fun, sexy and versatile for day to night this cap is a dream come true.
Felt Velour with no band Another “dress cap” this one makes a fun statement. This unisex cap is cutting edge with a casual lux street vibe that looks just as great with a suite as with shorts and tennies. Upgrade that baseball hat and turn some heads with envy inducing...
Felt velour cap with no band This elegant fashion forward dress cap is made with soft felt velour and is the perfect everyday cap. Inspired by the colors of the English countryside.
Felt Velour with with snakeskin or rose gold chain band Supple felt velour hat with faux snakeskin or distressed leather band. The Art Deco inspired crown is hand blocked with Gladys’ signature sculptural details. The brim has a bit of stiffness to it but still with sexy curvaceous lines.
Felt Velour with leather braided band Sculptural statement hat with rounded edges in fine felt velour with hand braided ultra-suede band.
Felt Velour with grosgrain band With a signature Gladys asymmetrical hand blocked crown this fabulous felt velour hat comes with a French grosgrain band. Available in medium brim or wide brim. This hat will turn heads whenever you walk into a room.
Felt velour with snakeskin or grosgrain band Brim Size: 3" The BLONDE HAT comes in luxurious felt velour with custom band options of faux snakeskin or French grosgrain.
Fur bucket hat with no band Brim Size: 2.5" This bucket hat is supple and soft with a furry surface.