FW19 Twin Flame

Your Twin Flame is a person you are destined to feel connected to on a physical and spiritual level. A twin can be a lover, a mentor, friend, teacher or hat. Your Twin Flame is a catalyst that understands your deepest desires, needs and fears and who always accompanies you wherever you go. A Hat Flame gives you confidence and protection so you will be ready for anything the world or heaven throws at you. It’s all about your BFF, a Gladys Tamez hat.  The FW19 color palette is baby blue pastels, creams, camels and natural tones with tweeds, pearls and gold trims. The collection contains Gladys’ signature “hand creasing”, sculptural detail and the timeless elegance the brand is known for. Twin Flame is all about confidence builders and that’s what hats are all about; unity with your environment and yourself. 100% handcrafted in the GTM studio in Los Angeles.