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Celebrity favorite the innovative Palas cap, sporty, elegant on the go cap for any occasion. 100% Felt velour     
Already a hit with stylists and editors this open crown medium brimmed hat makes a statement with a extra long gold cuban chain band that extends through the hat below below the neck to frame the face and give a necklace vibe. This elegant hat accessorizes well with any outfit,...
Cylindrical hand blocked asymmetrical back to front low crown trimmed with grosgrain and gold chain around brim.   100% felt Velour hat with black grosgrain band. Measurements: Brim - 3”  
Classic Spanish style hat accessorized with safety pins, studs, chains and a plethora of charms this hat is a favorite of the collection. Comes with grosgrain band in felt velour.  100% Felt velour with pin, studs and chains Measurements: Brim 3.5"
Perfect balance of asymmetry, romantic elegance and punk details, Gladys signature asymmetrical crown fedora is detailed with 5 brass piercings on the crown and grosgrain band. The Hutton commands quiet attention in any situation. Comes in Black and Camel. 100% felt velour hat with grosgrain band Measurements: Brim - 3"...
A favorite from the collection this soft fedora makes a powerful statement with a chunky gold cuban chain band in front and silk grosgrain in the back. This instant classic comes in White, Black, Bronze, Camel, Wine and Brown. 100% Felt velour with gold chain band Measurements: Brim 3"
Darby 02
Detailed with button linked to swaged out varying chains this short brimmed punk classic will punch up any look. Comes in Camel, Black, Wine, Charcoal Grey and Navy Blue. 100% Felt velour with button and chains Measurements: Brim 3"
Elegant medium curved brim with teardrop crown is hand made and detailed with matching silk grosgrain. Comes in Taupe and Black. This classic never goes out of style and will enhance any adventure. 100% Felt velour with grosgrain band Measurements: Brim - 4"  
Open crown short brimmed hat detailed with punk rock pins, needles, feather and pearl charms and a gold chain band gives this timeless profile a rebellious London vibe. 100% felt velour  Brim Size: 2.5"  
With a signature Gladys asymmetrical hand blocked crown this fabulous felt velour hat comes with a French grosgrain band. Available in medium brim or wide brim. This hat will turn heads whenever you walk into a room. 100% felt velour with grosgrain band Measurements: Brim 3" or 4" (please enter your...
Signature Gladys Tamez profile referencing style icon Marianne Faithfuls 70s vibes. This stylist favorite is detailed with faux snakeskin band and hand blocked teardrop crown.  100% felt Velour hat with snakeskin band  Measurements: Brim - 4”    
100% merino wool decorated with pins, studs, charms and swags of hanging chains.
Beanie w/ charms
This 100% merino wool beanie is a maximalist dream come true. Detailed with dozens of chains, charms, pins, studs and buttons. 100% merino wool with chains, pins, studs and buttons
Studded Beanie
This 100% merino wool beanie is detailed with dozens of studs of different sizes with a few charms for good measure. Warm cozy and edgy. 100% Merino wool with silver studs  
Zebra fur bucket hat
Oversized Faux Fur bucket in zebra pattern
Black fur bucket hat
100% faux fur black bucket hat
Leopard fur bucket hat
100% faux fur bucket hat in dark leopard