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Mulholland Drive is about the excitement, history and glamour of Beverly Hills.
The collection is fuelled by memories of driving a convertible through chaparral scented summer air, sun kissed days by the pool, sublime pastel sunsets and raucous late night parties echoing through the canyons. 
With the Mulholland Drive Collection each hat has a story to tell, so follow along as Gladys shares her favorite streets and haunts of the fabled Beverly Hills. 
The collection is complemented by a new line of accessories including punky headbands, turbans, silk scrunchies and a new silk scarves.
Motifs are animal prints, polka dots, studs and crystals. Materials include caracol straw, cuenca straw, raffia, panama and ultra fine imported silks.
Make the most of your summer style with these luxurious California essentials. 
100% handmade in LA

Named for the iconic shopping street in the heart of the platinum triangle in Beverly HIlls.  The glamorous Rodeo Hat comes in Panama straw with asymmetrical ventilation holes accompanied with sewn-in animal print silk scarf that can be worn tied under the chin, back of the head, wrapped around the...
Nothing says Beverly Hills like Hillcrest Drive. Home to Elvis, Barbara Stanwyck and Grocho Marx. The Hillcrest is a feminine beauty that comes with a flat crown, wide brim and oversized bow that is tied in the back of the hat for dramatic and alluring effect. The ribbon is imported...
Home to Rita Hayworth and Jean Horlow, Palm drive is the epitome of Beverly Hills power women of the golden age of the silver screen.  Palm hat reflects the parallel curves of the street its named for. The hat’s crown is hand creased with Gladys’ trademark sculptural detail and is...
Canon Drive is where the locals go for anything and everything. Gladys’ favorites include the BH institution, Edelweiss Chocolates (famous for its hilarious I Love Lucy scene) and classic italian eatery, E Baldi.  The Canon Hat epitomizes and feminizes the masculinity of the classic fedora. This is an essential that...
Sierra Drive is a sinuous residential street that borders West Hollywood. A street close to Gladys’ heart for its elegant houses, beautiful landscaping and dear friends who live there.  Sierra means “saw” in Spanish so this edgy panama visor style hat is accented with punky studs at the base of...
Named for another classic commercial shopping street in the Platinum Triangle, Beverly Drive is where the locals and tourists collide. Gladys’ essentials on Beverly include the gourmets dream “The Cheese Shoppe of Beverly Hills” and “Geary’s” an institution for high-end gifts.  Panama straw visor with wide brim. Style with bandana...
Perennial favorite and best seller, the Esthella is named after Esthella Provas, a top art advisor in Los Angeles. Esthella has an elegant and sophisticated style but with a razor sharp edge.  Esthella is known for her curated eye and an ear for the distant thunder of young art talent....
Drury Lane
Drury Lane in Trousdale has a special place in Gladys’ heart for this is where many late and glamorous nights have been held at her dear friend's infamous mid century house filled with masterpieces of modern art. The Drury is deceiving simple but impactful wide brimmed panama straw hat with...
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Winding from Coldwater Canyon through the flats and under Beverly Hills city hall, Rexford has had a host of famous residents including Carole Lombard and Kirk Douglas.  The Rexford hat has a rounded crown with meticulously detailed weaved black and white panama straw that give a textured checkered vibe. The...
Arden is a winding residential street in the flats of Beverly Hills. Instead of the iconic palms it’s lined with huge podocarpus trees that creates a garden-like umbrella of shade perfect for walking the Gladys’ dog, Papi le Papillon.   The Arden hat has a conical crown with loose cuenca weave...
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Caracol straw with black grosgrain band Brim: 4.5" (depending on size)
Named for the little commercial cross street in the platinum triangle in Beverly Hills filled with refined mom and pop services like shoe repair, tailors, jewelers and Gladys’ favorite lunch spot, Edo.  Raffia straw boater style with 2.5” silk polka dot band  Brim: 4.5" (depending on size)
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Roxbury Drive is synonymous with Beverly Hills. Famous for its plastic surgeons, wealth management services and the infamous Mickey Fine pharmacy, but it's Gladys' favorite out of the way brunch spot, The Nosh, that's a true treasure. Roxbury is a great summer hat. Wide flat brim, subtle double creased sculptural crown...
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Few streets have the celebrity pedigree of Bedford Drive. Stretching in a long snake like curve from Sunset to its terminus at Saks on Wilshire Blvd Its residents have included Clara Bow, Carmen Miranda, Frank Sinatra and Greta Garbo.  Bedford is the sister hat to the Roxbury. White wide flat...
Panama straw with silk scarf band and chin strap Brim: 3.5"
A classic like this never goes out of style that is why Gladys updated the best seller for 2020 in whisky color. The crown has a V shaped center crease that is trademark of a Gladys hat that people can spot a block away. Whether it's attention or privacy you...
The Sophia is an alluring continental look made in Panama straw with extra low flat crown, wide brim, accented with black grosgrain band and matching chin strap. The strap can be worn under the chin, on the back of the head or tied around the neck with the hat draped...
Named for the serpentine residential street in the iconic flats of Beverly Hills.  Panama straw visor with wide brim. Style with bandana scarf or top knot ponytail. Brim: 6" 
  Panama straw with extra wide brim, flat low crown, accented with grosgrain band and chin strap. Brim: 6”   
Alta Drive is a curved palm lined street connecting Sunset to Santa Monica Blvd in the flats of Beverly Hills. Alta Hat has a curved brim that’s as elegant as the street its named for. Crisp white and handmade in Panama straw with black grosgrain band. Brim: 6" (depending on...
Alexandria Headband
Silk headband with mesh & Swarovski
Alexandria Headband with veil
Silk headband with mesh with Swarvoski and veil
Crescent headband
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Vinyl headband with studs
Crescent headband w/ chains
Vinyl headband with studs and chains
100% vinyl headband
100% silk twill turban
Chignon headband
100% silk twill chignon headband
Scrunchie headband
100% silk twill scarf w/ scunchie and headband
72x5 scarf
100% silk twill scarves with fringe. Measurements: 72" x 5" Handmade in LA
72x8 scarf
100% silk twill scarves with fringe Measurement: 72" x 8" Handmade in LA