SS20 Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive is about the excitement, history and glamour of Beverly Hills.
The collection is fuelled by memories of driving a convertible through chaparral scented summer air, sun kissed days by the pool, sublime pastel sunsets and raucous late night parties echoing through the canyons. 
With the Mulholland Drive Collection each hat has a story to tell, so follow along as Gladys shares her favorite streets and haunts of the fabled Beverly Hills. 
The collection is complemented by a new line of accessories including punky headbands, turbans, silk scrunchies and a new silk scarves.
Motifs are animal prints, polka dots, studs and crystals. Materials include caracol straw, cuenca straw, raffia, panama and ultra fine imported silks.
Make the most of your summer style with these luxurious California essentials. 
100% handmade in LA