Gladys Tamez was born in Texas and grew up in Mexico. She studied art in Monterrey, Mexico and design in Florence, Italy. She has had a long love affair with hats that grew out of her upbringing among the corridas and traditions of Northern Mexico. Gladys’ journey began when she didn't see any hats on the market that had the styling finesse and quality she was looking for and that motivated her to create her brand Gladys Tamez Millinery. Gladys goal was to create a true luxury heritage product not just a so called "luxury brand". For her luxury is in the making. Her first collection was inspired by a dream she had where horses were galloping through space. This conceptual process that begins with a simple inspiration informs each collection. Art, sculpture and historical fashion continues to be the visual narrative that makes her designs original and exciting. Gladys first rule for her clients is that the hat should give and grow confidence. This imparting of individual confidence through design is at the heart of what keeps her engaged and passionate.