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Alexandria Headband
Silk headband with mesh & Swarovski
Alexandria Headband with veil
Silk headband with mesh with Swarvoski and veil
Crescent headband
Vinyl headband with studs
Crescent headband w/ chains
Vinyl headband with studs and chains
100% vinyl headband
100% silk twill turban
Chignon headband
100% silk twill chignon headband
Scrunchie headband
100% silk twill scarf w/ scunchie and headband
72x5 scarf
100% silk twill scarves with fringe. Measurements: 72" x 5" Handmade in LA
72x8 scarf
100% silk twill scarves with fringe Measurement: 72" x 8" Handmade in LA
Pink night mask
Pink silk blend night mask with elasticated band. Complete the outfit with the matching robe with feathers. 
Pink silk blend turban
Pink silk blend turban with elasticated band.  Pair it with the matching protective mask, the night mask and robe.  The item comes in one size. 
Silver animal print turban
Silk blend animal print turban with elasticated band.  Don't forget to check out the matching mask and robe.  The item comes in one size. 
Black & White abstract turban
Black & White abstract silk blend turban. Match it with a mask and a robe.  The item comes in one size.