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100% boater straw with grosgrain band and removable chin strap Measurements: Brim 3"
The classic boater style in a pale grey pastel color. 100% straw with grosgrain band and removable chin strap Measurements: Brim 3" 
Carson Straw
The Carson is a quintessential western cowboy shape made in summer friendly straw with recycled braided leather band. Available in denim, orange, fuchsia, raspberry, black, lavender and ivory.  Handmade in our LA studio.
No introduction needed. Just the hat of the season. 100% natural straw cowboy style with thin leather removable band Measurements: Brim 4"
The classiest cowboy hat you'll wear.  100% felt velour with leather band  Measurements: Brim 4"  
With a signature Gladys asymmetrical hand blocked crown this fabulous felt velour hat comes with a French grosgrain band. Available in medium brim or wide brim. This hat will turn heads whenever you walk into a room. 100% felt velour with grosgrain band Measurements: Brim 3" or 4" (please enter your...
The Faye is a classic of Gladys’ style and sensibility. Bold, sublime and elegant this version of the Faye comes in soft fall colors and is trimmed with pure silk grosgrain. Wide brimmed, sensually curved and empowering this evolution of a men’s hat says goodbye to the patriarchy and hello...
The Emily hat comes in a peach pastel color, just perfect for spring. The gold pin with the chain and charms gives it that extra charm.  100% felt velour with gold pin Measurements: Brim 4" (depending on size)
Rose staple
The Rose is a one of a kind artisanal style made from 100% staple western and with a crown shaped like a rose. The band is of matching color in vintage velvet. 100% staple western with velvet band Measurements: Brim 4" (depending on size) 
100% felt velour with grosgrain band Measurements: Brim 4.5" (depending on size)
The Willow is an investment hat. It comes in staple western, in the perfect pastel color, complimenting both men and women.  100% staple western with no band, pencil roll Measurements: Brim 4" (depending on size)
Rose felt
The Rose style in felt, with a rose shaped crown and a grosgrain bow.  100% felt velour with grosgrain band Measurements: Brim 4" (depending on size)
The Arch is a signature tour-de-force of Gladys’ craft and design. Incredibly detailed this handmade medium brimmed hat has a pencil roll brim edge, chevron shaped crown peak, art deco sides and luscious monochromatic grosgrain. Swanky, polished and graceful this hat is one timeless statement that will give you confidence...
Our famous cowboy style goes SS21. An updated cowboy style to protect you on those hot summer days. 100% Panama straw hat with rope band Measurements: Brim 4"
 100% panama straw hat with cotton rope band. Measurements: Brim - 3"    
Drury Lane
The Drury is deceiving simple but impactful wide brimmed panama straw hat with asymmetrical black and white color blocking. The brim slightly upturned and the crown fedora in style. Great hat for everyday use and excellent complement to anything black and white. Two coloured cuenca straw with no band Brim: 4.5"...
There's no such thing as royalty in the United States, but if anyone has ever come close to that level, its the Kennedy family.  100% panama straw hat with grosgrain band  Measurements: Brim - 3”  
Named for another classic commercial shopping street in the Platinum Triangle, Beverly Drive is where the locals and tourists collide. Gladys’ essentials on Beverly include the gourmets dream “The Cheese Shoppe of Beverly Hills” and “Geary’s” an institution for high-end gifts.  Panama straw visor with wide brim. Style with bandana...
100% Panama straw with grosgrain band Measurements: Brim - 5.5" (depending on size)
100% two colored panama straw with red grosgrain band and chin strap Measurements: Brim - 4"
100% Panama straw with rope band and chin strap Measurements: Brim 4.5" (depending on size)
A classic like this never goes out of style that is why Gladys updated the best seller for 2020 in whisky color. The crown has a V shaped center crease that is trademark of a Gladys hat that people can spot a block away. Whether it's attention or privacy you...
Jackie O'
Named after Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. She is well known for her iconic style. 100% panama straw hat with black grosgrain band  Measurements: Brim - 4”  
100% distressed wool with leather band and feather Measurements: Brim - 4"
100% distressed felt velour with leather band and feather
Celebrity favorite the innovative Palas cap updated with chunky chain and matching buttons. Sporty, elegant on the go cap for any occasion. 100% Felt velour with chain band     
A favorite from the collection this soft fedora makes a powerful statement with a chunky gold cuban chain band in front and silk grosgrain in the back. This instant classic comes in Bronze, Black, Brown, Wine and Camel. 100% Felt velour with gold chain band Measurements: Brim 3"
Bianca Jagger cemented her status as a style icon during the '70s when she emerged as the reigning queen of the Studio 54 scene—in looks that still continue to inspire us to this day. 100% felt Velour Hat with grosgrain band  Measurements: Brim - 4”    
Already a hit with stylists and editors this open crown medium brimmed hat makes a statement with a extra long gold cuban chain band that extends through the hat below below the neck to frame the face and give a necklace vibe. This elegant hat accessorizes well with any outfit,...
Saint Marie
Classic boyfriend fedora detailed with new romantic metal pierced hanging charms on the edge of the brim that makes for a subtle and intriguing look for any occasion. Handmade in Felt Velour comes in Charcoal Grey, Black and White. 100% felt velour hat with grosgrain band Measurements: Brim - 3"...
Cylindrical hand blocked asymmetrical back to front low crown trimmed with grosgrain and gold chain around brim.   100% felt Velour hat with black grosgrain band. Measurements: Brim - 3”  
Classic Spanish style hat accessorized with safety pins, studs, chains and a plethora of charms this hat is a favorite of the collection. Comes with grosgrain band in felt velour.  100% Felt velour with pin, studs and chains Measurements: Brim 3.5"
Perfect balance of asymmetry, romantic elegance and punk details, Gladys signature asymmetrical crown fedora is detailed with 5 brass piercings on the crown and grosgrain band. The Hutton commands quiet attention in any situation. Comes in Black and Camel. 100% felt velour hat with grosgrain band Measurements: Brim - 3"...
Darby 02
Detailed with button linked to swaged out varying chains this short brimmed punk classic will punch up any look. Comes in Camel, Black, Wine, Charcoal Grey and Navy Blue. 100% Felt velour with button and chains Measurements: Brim 3"
Elegant medium curved brim with teardrop crown is hand made and detailed with matching silk grosgrain. Comes in Taupe and Black. This classic never goes out of style and will enhance any adventure. 100% Felt velour with grosgrain band Measurements: Brim - 4"  
Open crown short brimmed hat detailed with punk rock pins, needles, feather and pearl charms and a gold chain band gives this timeless profile a rebellious London vibe. 100% felt velour  Brim Size: 2.5"  
Signature Gladys Tamez profile referencing style icon Marianne Faithfuls 70s vibes. This stylist favorite is detailed with faux snakeskin band and hand blocked teardrop crown.  100% felt Velour hat with snakeskin band  Measurements: Brim - 4”    
Named for the serpentine residential street in the iconic flats of Beverly Hills.  Panama straw visor with wide brim. Style with bandana scarf or top knot ponytail. Brim: 6" 
Canon Drive is where the locals go for anything and everything. Gladys’ favorites include the BH institution, Edelweiss Chocolates (famous for its hilarious I Love Lucy scene) and classic italian eatery, E Baldi.  The Canon Hat epitomizes and feminizes the masculinity of the classic fedora. This is an essential that...
Alta Drive is a curved palm lined street connecting Sunset to Santa Monica Blvd in the flats of Beverly Hills. Alta Hat has a curved brim that’s as elegant as the street its named for. Crisp white and handmade in Panama straw with black grosgrain band. Brim: 6" (depending on...
Home to Rita Hayworth and Jean Horlow, Palm drive is the epitome of Beverly Hills power women of the golden age of the silver screen.  Palm hat reflects the parallel curves of the street its named for. The hat’s crown is hand creased with Gladys’ trademark sculptural detail and is...
Nothing says Beverly Hills like Hillcrest Drive. Home to Elvis, Barbara Stanwyck and Grocho Marx. The Hillcrest is a feminine beauty that comes with a flat crown, wide brim and oversized bow that is tied in the back of the hat for dramatic and alluring effect. The ribbon is imported...
Named for the iconic shopping street in the heart of the platinum triangle in Beverly HIlls.  The glamorous Rodeo Hat comes in Panama straw with asymmetrical ventilation holes accompanied with sewn-in animal print silk scarf that can be worn tied under the chin, back of the head, wrapped around the...
Multicolor oversized hat with frayed ends ** Delivery in 4 to 6 weeks**
The GTM oversized natural hat. Wears yours for a fun day at the beach or by the pool, using the pin to fold the front part.   
Alexandria Fascinator
The Alexandria fascinator comes in one size and has a mesh with Swarovski covering elegantly the face.   
100% staple western distressed style in cowboy brim. Measurements: Brim 4"
Western Staple Distressed Hat  Measurements: Brim - 3"
The Ricki is that up to date western hat you are looking for. Made from 100% western staple, distressed with a suede band and a pheasant feather. By distressed we mean that it goes through a 5-hour burning process to make it look this cool.  Measurements: Brim - 3"  
John Wayne
Classic western hat made from 100% staple western with a thin grosgrain band.  Measurements: Brim - 3.5" 
One of our best sellers, the Cordobes is the classic bolero hat with a slight change on the crown.  100% staple western with leather distressed band   
This millinery masterpiece has Gladys’ signature art deco hand-blocked double crown, comes in ultra fine staple felt and has a stiff straight brim. Comes with a gold-plate chain with star shaped charms (optional/removable). 100% ultra fine quality staple western with thin gold chain with charms. Measurements: Brim - 3" (male)...
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Petite everyday cap with low crown and short bill trimmed with a refined pearl detailed band hand blocked in luxurious felt. Salome felt cap with velvet sequence & pearl band detail. 100% Felt Velour.
The Gloria hat is a classic boater with medium brim handmade in luxurious felt trimmed with english tweed and grosgrain that gives this hat a timeless feminate glamour a la Chanel.  Pair with power suit, denim jackets, tweeds and anything Chanel.  100% Felt velour.
Another hand crafted masterclass of Gladys’ design this boho chic hat has an asymmetrical crown and peak with touches of western American and European elegnace. Detailed with segmented pearl band and slightly curved medium brim. Abstract intricate sculptural crown with velvet sequence & pearl band detail. 100% Felt Velour. Measurements:...
This bold and elegant tour de force medium brimmed hat is a masterpiece from Gladys’ atelier. Triple crown creasing is complemented by silver and pearl cluster band. Make a statement with this beautiful and powerful look. 100% felt velour.
As one of the most detailed avante garde crowns in the hat world this art deco inspired “double crown” hand creased elements are exquisite, bold and clever. With the Mason hat you and your hat will stand up and out in any setting.  100% felt velour with silver chain band...
Pillbox romanticism trimmed with evocative lace veil in soft, graceful, feminine pastel colors.  100% felt velour 
The Harrison is a boho- western wide brimmed hat with hand creased crown detail trimmed with a thin gold and leather band or French grosgrain.  Pair with jeans and a T, a little black dress or edgy streetwear 100% felt velour
Impactful versatile extra wide brimmed panama straw hat with braided rope band and wooden rings. This hat is great for the street or the beach. 100% panama straw with braided rope band and wooden rings Measurements: Brim - 8" (depending on size)
Wide brimmed in white with Gladys signature “bianca” crown this panama straw hat has a leather and rope braided band detailed with natural wooden beads goes from cocktail to beach and is always chic. 100% panama straw hat with leather braided band and wooden beads Measurements: Brim - 5" (depending...
Wren Short Brim
A classic Gladys silhouette with a curved brim and full size crown that adds just the right amount of masculinity to the most feminine of looks. This balanced 40s style hat is a best seller that is great for men or women. Handmade in panama straw with French grosgrain. This...
Wren Wide Brim
Large brim natural straw with grosgrain band Measurements: Brim - 4"
A classic straw fedora updated in faded denim color and complimentary gold grosgrain band and small golden GTM medallion. 100% panama straw with #5 grosgrain band Measurements: Brim - 3.25" (depending on size)
Elegant and timeless the Oriole is a classic of design and understated style. Raked up brim on one side with white grosgrain and a golden GTM medallion accent this hat is for the forever you. 100% panama straw hat with #16 white grosgrain band  Measurements: Brim - 3.5"
Eye catching but subtle asymmetrical crown, straight brim, matching grosgrain and handmade in 100% panama straw with matching #9 grosgrain band and silver GTM medallion. Great for men or women. Available in 3 colors. Measurements: Brim - 3.5" (depending on size)
Stingy brim handmade fedora with French grosgrain and GTM logo medallion. Great everyday hat for men or women. Comes in 2 colors. 100% panama straw with #9 grosgrain band Measurements: Brim - 2.5"(depending on size)
Slick cap, hand creased sculptural detail, matching grosgrain band and silver GTM medallion. The pink version comes with a matching silk blend bandana to stay safe.  100% panama straw with matching #5 grosgrain band Silk blend bandana
This signature hat from Liquid Gold epitomizes classic design and elegance. handmade in fine felt velour with monochromatic grosgrain band.  100% felt velour with grosgrain band Brim Size: 3"    
The Blonde, part of our FW18 collection, comes in luxurious felt velour with custom band options of faux snakeskin or French grosgrain. 100% felt velour with grosgrain band Brim Size: 3"  
100% panama straw with grosgrain band Measurements: Brim - 5"
100% panama straw hat with thin grosgrain band Measurements: Brim - 3"
100% panama straw hat with grosgrain band and feather.   Measurements: Brim - 2.5"  
100% panama straw with leather braided band and brass hook Measurements: Brim - 3"
Our well known King cap has now adapted to the new norm. Button a silk blend matching bandana to stay safe.  100% Panama straw with silk blend bandana  
  Panama straw with extra wide brim, flat low crown, accented with grosgrain band and chin strap. Brim: 6”   
The Sophia is an alluring continental look made in Panama straw with extra low flat crown, wide brim, accented with black grosgrain band and matching chin strap. The strap can be worn under the chin, on the back of the head or tied around the neck with the hat draped...
Frank Sinatra, who once sang that "you've either got or you haven't got style, and if you've got it you stand out a mile."   Panama straw hat with grosgrain band and band on trim Measurements: Brim - 3”    
Perennial favorite and best seller, the Esthella is named after Esthella Provas, a top art advisor in Los Angeles. Esthella has an elegant and sophisticated style but with a razor sharp edge.  Esthella is known for her curated eye and an ear for the distant thunder of young art talent....
Named after socialite Talitha Getty who stood out in the world of the rich and beautiful European Jet Set. She was one of the first adopters of a posh-hippie style now referred to as 'bohemian chic'. Talitha is well regarded as a style icon of the late 1960's  100% panama...
100% dress staple hat with studded suede braided band and small rounded leather band Measurements: Brim - 3"  
100% felt velour hat with black and silver braided leather band. Measurements: Brim - 4"  
The Cher is a Gladys perennial favorite. This classic heritage design has been interpreted for 2019 with soft pastels and contrasting silk grosgrain on the crown edge and brim. With effortless beauty, empowering style and a hat that will go with any outfit and never ask permission this one's for...
Named after singer and french actress Anna Karina from the 70's. 100% felt velour hat with snakeskin band. Measurements: Brim - 3”    
Named after french actress, singer and actress Brigitte Bardot. She was one of the known sex symbols.   100% felt Velour hat with grosgrain band Measurements: Brim - 4”  
The Pallenberg is named after Icon Anita Pallenberg. She was romantic partners with Brian Jones and Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones. Still a fashion Icon till this day. 100% felt Velour with braided leather band and feathers. Measurements: Brim - 4”    
This chic and luxurious leopard pattern hat is inspired by Countess Vera von Lehndorff-Steinort, a German model, actress, artist and fashion icon of the 1960s. She is known professionally as Veruschka. Personalize your Verushka with a Hermes or other silk scarf. Comes with black silk scarf included. 100% felt Velour...
100% western staple hat with silver studded leather band. Named after one of the first clients we ever had, Johnny Depp. Measurements: Brim - 4"  
Lady Bianca
100% felt velour pink hat with grosgrain band.  Measurements: Brim - 4"  
100% felt velour pink hat with snakeskin band. Yes, this is the iconic hat on Lady Gaga's Joanne album.  Measurements: Brim - 4"  
100% panama straw hat with striped grosgrain band Measurements: Brim - 3"  
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 Best selling distressed western style with no band.  100% distressed staple western tall fedora  Measurements: Brim 3"
100% felt velour with braided suede band
100% felt velour with silver & pearl brooches Measurements: Brim - 3"
100% felt velour with matching mesh Measurements: Brim - 3.5"
100% felt velour with matching color pheasant feathers Measurements: Brim - 3"
100% Panama straw with studded grosgrain band Measurements: Brim - 3"