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Western Staple Distressed Hat  Measurements: Brim - 3"
The Ricki is that up to date western hat you are looking for. Made from 100% western staple, distressed with a suede band and a pheasant feather. By distressed we mean that it goes through a 5-hour burning process to make it look this cool.  Measurements: Brim - 3"  ...
The Blonde, part of our FW18 collection, comes in luxurious felt velour with custom band options of faux snakeskin or French grosgrain. 100% felt velour with grosgrain band Brim Size: 3"  
This signature hat from Liquid Gold epitomizes classic design and elegance. handmade in fine felt velour with monochromatic grosgrain band.  100% felt velour with grosgrain band Brim Size: 3"    
With a signature Gladys asymmetrical hand blocked crown this fabulous felt velour hat comes with a French grosgrain band. Available in medium brim or wide brim. This hat will turn heads whenever you walk into a room. Measurements: it comes in two brim sizes - 3" and 4"
Make an elegant statement with this everyday hat. Based on a classic men’s fedora it’s enhanced with Gladys’ art deco lines, pinched swept back crown and luxurious felt velour fabric. Comes with French grosgrain band. 100% felt velour with grosgrain band  Measurements: it comes in two brim size - 3"...
This hat is inspired by English singer, songwriter and actress Marianne Faithfull in the 70's when she was in a romantic relationship with the Rolling Stones lead singer, Mick Jagger. 100% felt Velour hat with snakeskin band  Measurements: Brim - 4”    
Bianca Jagger cemented her status as a style icon during the '70s when she emerged as the reigning queen of the Studio 54 scene—in looks that still continue to inspire us to this day. 100% felt Velour Hat with grosgrain band  Measurements: Brim - 4”    
An absolute Gladys classic originally made for Fashion Icon Cher herself this felt velour hat comes with with elegant grosgrain trim on the brim edge and matching grosgrain band. 100% felt velour hat with black grosgrain band and black trim Measurements: Brim - 3”  
This chic and luxurious leopard pattern hat is inspired by Countess Vera von Lehndorff-Steinort, a German model, actress, artist and fashion icon of the 1960s. She is known professionally as Veruschka. Personalize your Verushka with a Hermes or other silk scarf. Comes with black silk scarf included. 100% felt Velour...
One of our best sellers, the Cordobes is the classic bolero hat with a slight change on the crown.  100% staple western with leather distressed band   
Panama straw hat with black grosgrain band and black chin strap. The vintage flower shown in pictures is optional.  The hat comes in one size.  
100% panama straw with grosgrain band Measurements: Brim - 5"
Named after Esthella Provas, a top art advisor in Los Angeles, Esthella has an elegant and sophisticated style but with a razor sharp edge. Esthella is known for her curated eye and an ear for the distant thunder of future fashion hits. 100% panama straw hat with black grosgrain band ...
100% panama straw hat with thin grosgrain band Measurements: Brim - 3"
Breakfast at Tiffany's inspired pill box hat 100% felt velour